uPVC Wye strainer

SKU: uPVC Wye strainer
  • Origin Viet Nam
  • Manufacturer: Tan A Dai Thanh
  • Product Description:

u.PVC Stroman Accessories are manufactured according to ISO 1452-3: 2009, made from PVC powder and additives imported from the world’s leading raw materials supplier. Products are widely used for water and drainage systems in urban, civil, industrial and agricultural projects.

  • Safety hygiene: Do not get heavy metal extract when conducting water or transporting liquids, without dust or infection.
  • High flow productivity: smooth pipe and minimize friction does not cause large strength for flow and reach high flow flow.
  • Anti-corrosion: Non-conductive uPVC pipes and without electrochemical reactions by acid, alkali or salt – Causes of metal corrosion.
  • Low installation costs: UPVC pipes are lightweight, easily installed and connected by adhesives, flanks or John’s coupling should minimize installation costs.
  • Usage durability: UPVC pipes can be used over 50 years in standard conditions.
  • Environmentally friendly: UPVC pipes can be reborn.

Products ISO 1452-2: 2009 / TCVN 8491-2: 2011

  • Water system for urban cities.
  • Water led system for civil use.
  • Liquid transportation system in industry.
  • Water and irrigation system for agriculture.
  • Water dispensers, wastewater treatment systems.