Rossi Classic water heater

  • Origin of goods: Vietnam
  • Warranty: 7 years
  • Producer: Tan A Dai Thanh
  • Product description: Rossi Classic is an energy-saving water heater, with many outstanding features, keeping hot water for a long time, ensuring safety for users.

Rossi Classic water heater is a high-class product of Tan A Dai Thanh Group, with the following outstanding advantages:

  • Ultra durable fast heating time with lifetime warranty Titanium enameled heating element
  • Up to 72 hours heat with Polyurethane thermal Insulation layer imported from DOW Corporation – USA
  • Impact resistance, increasing lifetime with ABS plastic cover
  • Absolute safety with super sensitive ELCB Electric leakage protection
  • Super durable, high pressure resistance with Artificial diamond enameled tank
  • Sophisticated design by French experts
  • High safety with automatic thermostat
  • Super clean, anti scale with large diameter Magnesium bar

Model 15L-20L-30L
Power 2500W
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Pressure Min: 0.2 MPa; Max: 0.9 MPa
Tank Enameled steel core
Applicable standards QCVN 4:2009/BKHCN and revised 1:2016 QCVN 4:2009/BKHCN
Production Standard TCCS 04:2019/TAHY
Quality management system ISO 9001:2015















  • Only use to boil normal water
  • Do not use to store or heat water contaminated with heavy iron, water contaminated with alum, acid