Rossi Amore water heater

  • Origin: Vietnam
  • Warranty: 7 years
  • Producer: Tan A Dai Thanh
  • Product description: Rossi Amore is positioned as an energy-saving water heater from Rossi brand, integrated with advanced technologies from Italy, Rossi Amore provides its users with moments of passion, relief, and the warm water that helps dispel fatigue in life.

Rossi Amore water heater is a premium product from Tan A Dai Thanh Group, with the following outstanding advantages:

  • Built-in 5 safety modes
    • Safety valve with high durability and accuracy
    • Using super sensitive ELCB electric leakage protector, ultimately safe to use
    • Super safe with smart thermostat
    • Self-protected from dry burning
    • Automatic shut-off when reaching temperature
  • Super durable artificial diamond glazed vase
  • Super durable heating rod increases heating efficiency up to 87.9%
  • Super durable ELCB anti-shock system, ultimately safe for users

Model 15L-20L-30L
Power 2500W
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Pressure Min: 0.2 MPa, Max: 0.8 MPa
Tank Enameled steel core
Applicable standards QCVN 4:2009/BKHCN and revised 1:2016 QCVN 4:2009/BKHCN
Production Standard TCCS 04:2021/TAHN
Quality management system ISO 9001:2015













  • Only use to boil normal water
  • Do not use to store or heat water contaminated with heavy iron, water contaminated with alum, acid