Nano paint – Is the new technology safe for health?


Nano paint is a breakthrough in interior/exterior paint technology in Vietnam. This is a fairly new type of paint with diverse features to meet the increasing needs of customers.

The outstanding advantage of Nano paint is: The paint has the ability to challenge the harshness of the weather, preventing the growth of harmful bacteria. For the wall surface, after applying a thin layer of light paint, the paint adhere ultimately, limiting the peeling process and preventing the growth of moss, preventing mold effectively. Tested to paint paint at high temperatures, most Nano paints pass tests for durability and surface hardness.

However, those who convinced by the quality of Nano paint, are still confused by another question: is using Nano paint safe for health or not?

The answer is No. Many experts and researchers have confirmed that paint is completely safe and does not cause any harm to human health because of its ability to clean up dust and antibacterial. Moreover, the active oxygen particles in the paint are not separated and released into the air from the surfac, so the paint will not cause unpleasant odors.

Nano paint is also outstanding compared to some popular water-based paints. In addition to fully equipped similar features to high-end paints, Nano paint also have the effect of surface self-cleaning when rainning or dew. This is a magical feature that other paints do not have.

In the market, brands such as Jotun, Nippon, Dulux are known, but with the advantages of quality and color, iPaint is the one that many people trust and use recently.

1. Advantages:

– Ipaint has a variety of colors, giving you abundant choices, honoring the luxury and splendor of the house. Smooth paint color, anti-dust, peeling, protect and maintain the beauty of the house in all harsh weather.

Nano technology combines the characteristics of 3 molecules: Nano Pure Acrylic, Nano Zinc and Nano silicone to deliver a modern and sophisticated beauty.

– Ipaint is easy to apply, safe for users, friendly to the environment.

2. Outstanding Features

Ipaint has ultimate anti-moss and mold resistant, helping to keep the color of your house as fresh as freshly painted. Waterproof, dustproof, strong paint film helps to prevent water penetration from the outside. Reflects most of the infrared rays, reducing the temperature of the surface and interior space thereby helping to save energy on cooling devices. Nano technology helps the paint film to stick firmly and durably. Withstand all harsh weather.

Reasonable price, safe for users. Premium Ipaint – durable, protecting and maintaining the beauty of your home.